January 01, 2018 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: January 01, 2018

IT Update January 2018

» Dental prosthetics company Nobilium has created a denture identification system using radio-frequency identification. The system is geared toward skilled nursing facilities, to help them meet regulations while making sure that dentures aren’t given to the wrong resident, RFID Journal reported in November. The dentures have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and…

Gary Tetz

The conscience of tech

Remember those innocent days when long-term care was hopelessly tech-phobic, and EHR was just a quick way to tell 911 your facility was under attack by an Emerging Hostile Rodent?

Penalty delay for some tags

Long-term care providers have 18 months to adapt to some of the Phase 2 requirements of participation without facing penalties, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced.

Felichia Fields

Reader poll: How do you make your employees feel valued?

“In May, every week we do an event. We have a lake, so on one of those Saturdays the residents will help us so the employees and their families can go fishing. Residents just do little things like go around the lake and hand out water bottles and crackers, and they can interact with the…

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