February 01, 2014 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: February 01, 2014

Monica Bascio

Therapist heads to the Paralympics

When top athletes arrive in Sochi, Russia, for the Paralympic Games next month, at least one long-term care professional will be representing the Stars and Stripes. Monica Bascio, an occupational therapist at Life Care Center of Evergreen, is on the U.S. cross-country ski team.

Group therapy still plays an important role, experts say.

Feature: All together now

Rehabilitation professionals still are navigating challenges of providing group, concurrent therapies in a world that has come to value individual therapy more

Gary Tetz

A pause for civility

It was a simple question, one I’ve asked before in moments of extreme desperation. But this time, the answer went beyond merely helpful.

John O'Connor

Inching toward success

Our brand new year is already into its second month. So chances are fairly good you have been exposed to more than a few suggestions from the success gurus.

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