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Print Issue: February 01, 2013

Diane Kenyon, Harden Healthcare

I couldn’t live without … Xerox data center hosting

Having outgrown their previous hosting provider, Texas-based Harden Healthcare went looking for a new solution. The organization found it in Xerox, which is now hosting Harden Healthcare’s data center, says Diane Kenyon, the provider’s senior vice president of information technology. Harden completed its migration in June 2012, and it’s been “incredibly good,” she says.

How to do it … Multidisciplinary wound care teams

Research supported by general industry consensus shows successful wound care management in long-term care cannot be achieved by a singular effort. Building highly effective and functional teams means taking a well-designed, multidisciplinary approach, backed by solid leadership and smooth collaboration. Here’s how to do it.

Nora Morant

On the job for 6 decades

Over the past 63 years, 11 presidents have come and gone, wars have been won and lost, and the long-term care industry has experienced a roller-coaster of changes. But one thing has remained consistent: Nora Morant has served residents at Charles Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of the Jewish Association on Aging.

Rehab providers blast site-neutral payments, call for rejection

Upon further review

Instead of spending more time doing hands-on patient care, therapists who work with Medicare beneficiaries have been strapped with increased administrative tasks, sometimes leading to delayed services, or worse.

Nursing home antipsychotic use has dipped nearly 19% under national effort, latest figures show

Rapid (Rx) transit

Time is a valuable and limited resource in long-term care. Caregivers often scramble to meet the varying needs of their residents and struggle to balance those duties against equally time-consuming regulatory requirements.

Terese Farhat, Attorney in the Health Care Practices Group at Clark Hill

Compliance clock ticks

Nursing facilities have always faced an array of obligations in order to provide services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, which can sometimes seem burdensome in comparison with other providers. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as the healthcare reform law, is yet another example of how nursing facilities remain a target – the notable new obligation is the mandatory compliance program requirement. Adoption and implementation of compliance programs has previously been voluntary, although encouraged.

Gary Tetz

Difficult eaters ahead

Food. I eat it, savor it, crave it and can’t seem to live without it — and I suspect I’m not alone. Talk to any long-term care resident, and he or she will almost certainly list it as one of the most important factors in his or her dissatisfaction, right behind the low quality of the coffee and the bad attitude of that new aide who hands out meds like the recipients have leprosy.

James M. Berklan, Editor

Tired of the bum rap? Here’s how to rise above

It’s no wonder you, as a long-term care provider, might get fed up with the general media. Sometimes it has to seem that mass media journalists must sit around the office, wondering what they can do to score flash points with editors, plaintiff lawyers and talk shows.

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