December 01, 2013 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: December 01, 2013

Adrienne Mims, president of the American Health Quality Association

Profile: Boldly improving quality

As a child, Adrienne Mims, M.D., MPH, thought about being a lawyer. But when her beloved grandmother died of cervical cancer when she was in high school, she redirected her attention to a career in healthcare.

Peggy Przybylinski is still tapping away at 94.

Day in the Life: Dancing with a star

Miller’s Merry Manor has a name that is fitting for the holiday season. But the 62-bed facility in New Carlisle, IN, seeks a merry atmosphere throughout the year. Its dance activities, and one special resident, help in that endeavor.

Proper hand hygiene is the No. 1 infection control measure that can help prevent CAUTIs.

A better approach

Catheter-associated problems account for nearly a third of all infections reported at nursing homes. Simple precautions can dramatically reduce this challenge

It is difficult to overestimate the value of a disaster recovery system.

Proper protection

Long-term care operators need to ensure that their lifeblood — data —is adequately guarded in the case of natural disaster, power outage or cyber attack

Gary Tetz

Prodigies in reverse

I experienced many crushing disappointments growing up. A trespassing fairy with a tooth fetish didn’t leave a dime under my pillow? Ernie and Bert aren’t brothers? Affordable healthcare isn’t a right? But the worst was realizing I was too old to be a prodigy. There’s an age limit, apparently, or maybe it’s height or weight. Regardless, I didn’t qualify.

William C. Fisher

CFOs’ 2014 challenge

Your goals as a CFO remain constant: Support the mission. Increase revenue. Consolidate across multiple entities. Budget. Implement internal controls. Facilitate audits and compliance reporting. CFOs want to optimize the organization’s returns by carefully managing all the finances.

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