Dript IV Therapy and IVRS, two leading providers of IV hydration and nutritional supplement therapy to nursing home residents, have merged, creating the sector’s largest IV hydration and nutritional therapy company. It will operate under the Dript IV Therapy brand and serve about 3,000 skilled nursing patients monthly. 

Dript addresses adequate patient hydration, targeting what the company calls “the 30%.” That’s the share of patients that, regardless of excellent care, still has hydrational and nutritional challenges. Dript’s outcomes show measurable results around infection reduction, fall reduction, wound healing and weight gain.

“This merger will allow us to bring together the best of both companies and build on our respective strengths to better serve SNF patients and the industry as a whole,” said Dript CEO and founder Avi Lev. 

Dript hires and deploys highly trained infusion RNs to deliver monthly or bi-monthly service to at-risk patients. By combining their expertise, resources and technology, the new organization will offer more SNF operators a measurable way to prevent poor outcomes due to hydrational health deficits and nutritional challenges.

“We are excited to join forces … to drive innovation and growth in the skilled nursing industry,” said James Marlin, CEO of IVRS. “By working together, we can create new opportunities to improve patient care and better meet the needs of our customers.”