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Nursing home administrators and other top executives saw larger than average salary increases over the past year, indicating a possible effort by operators to keep hard-to-find talent in-house. 

A relatively low 11.6% turnover rate, according to one expert, indicates the strategy is working. 

The national average nursing home administrator salary for facilities of all types rose 4.35% (to $127,967). Assistant administrators realized a 3.46% jump (to $74,175).

Also, the directors of nursing average rose to $103,343 (2.82% higher) and assistant DONs reached $85,511 (up 1.98%).

All figures are cited for same-facility changes in the 42nd annual “Nursing Home Salary & Benefits” report from the Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service, which was released Aug. 5.

Taking all responses into account, administrators had a median salary of $111,842, while DONs rose to $96,720.

Titles at the top — including a 5.45% increase for executive directors, 4.01% rise for HR directors and 3.29% increase for CFOs — enjoyed the largest rises.