September 2019 - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Print Issue: September 2019

Infection Control: Upgrading from housekeeping to environmental services

Infection is a significant problem for many long-term care facilities. Exposure to pathogens such as C. diff., MRSA, influenza and others can be life-threatening for seniors whose immune systems may be compromised by other health issues. Providing a clean, safe and healthy living space is essential for good patient care and the success of your facility.

Things I Think: A cow in every lobby

Every nursing home administrator probably has a favorite story of a resident whose state of health and happiness was transformed by experiencing the unconditional love of an animal. It’s universal, like the healing power of music. Usually it’s joy-dispensing dogs or cats that wander facilities, though I’ve seen a llama led from room to room…

The Big Picture: LTC’s angels and devils

Many things make long-term care unique. For one, you’d be hard pressed to find a sector where angels and devils intermingle so regularly. The angels in our midst are easy to spot, as their effervescence and glow gives them away. As for what unites them? That’s easy: They are all givers. In “The Second Mountain,”…

Theft allegation, embezzling

UTAH — Furniture, diapers, a barn door, landscaping materials and flowers for his wife were among the items former nursing home administrator Timothy Scott Claybaugh spent money on over the past two years. But the funds — close to $250,000  — came from embezzlement and laundering money from the Stonehenge of Orem, authorities said. Claybaugh,…

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