Research at some leading senior living and skilled nursing communities indicate that the typical community spends 10.4 hours per day reminding and updating residents, families and staff regarding issues such as:

  • Activity Reminders
  • Service and Care Plan Reminders
  • Meals Inquiry and Reminders
  • Community Alerts
  • Family Updates
  • RSVPing
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Coverage for Staff Call Outs
  • In Service Training Reminders

Automated reminders can be especially helpful during emergencies, such as Hurricane Sandy.

VoiceFriend has been proven to recapture staff hours, allowing employees to be more productive. Regarding the time spent finding coverage for open shifts, Danielle Taylor of Benchmark Senior Living notes, “VoiceFriend has streamlined the call=out process from hours to minutes.”

Just for fun, we asked some leading senior living and skilled nursing executives what they would do with an additional 10 hours of staff time per day. Here were some of their responses:

  • Provide more activities
  • Allocate more resources to community outreach
  • Provide more family oriented programs
  • Provide more support to residents/patients
  • Reduce overall staffing levels

The VoiceFriend solution has made a difference at leading communities such as Kindred Healthcare, Five Star Senior Living, Benchmark Senior Living and Hebrew Senior Life.

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