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To reduce hospital readmissions, consider the power of voice technology

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital readmission for older adults had become a $20 billion annual expense for Medicare. An important study by the University of Texas Division of Rehabilitation Sciences found that the 30-day readmission rates among discharged patients averaged close to 12% ― and as high as 18.8% ― for six main impairment…

Bruce Baron

Making a center more productive

In a study of Canadian nurses, researchers found that absenteeism rates among nurses – a major contributor to open shifts and overtime expenses – averaged 8% and could be even higher for less skilled healthcare professionals.

Bruce Baron

Avoiding fraud claims

With Medicare and Medicaid costs soaring, federal and state agencies are looking at various avenues to rein in costs. Fraudulent billings from healthcare providers costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year and is an area of focus for government agencies.

Bruce Baron

When a storm hits your community

Right now there are more than 101 inches of snow in Boston. Whether it’s a snow storm in New England or Minnesota, a tornado in Nebraska or a hurricane in the South, long-term care providers have experienced inclement weather.

Bruce Baron

Turning discharged patients into a referral source

Hospitals have a large financial incentive to ensure care plans are followed, as readmission penalties can cost millions of dollars. These large institutions often deploy multiple teams just to make outbound calls to discharged patients to ensure that their care plans are understood.

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