Medicaid complaints double in second full year of privatization


Iowa's independent ombudsman says the number of complaints related to the state's privatized Medicaid program more than doubled last year.

Prosecutors, fearing nursing home's closure, won't pursue felony exploitation charges against its operator


An Iowa prosecutor is dropping felony charges against a nursing home operator accused of misusing cash from a resident's personal funds.

Beyond black and white

Beyond black and white


The movement in long-term care is full of color and adventure and is no longer about black and white tasks to check off. Our journey to creating a world of color, no matter how small each idea may be, is about listening to those we care for.

Rhode Island is No. 1 HIPAA enforcer in state rankings


Healthcare providers may feel more pressure of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act enforcement in states like Rhode Island and Alaska, according to data compiled by TrueVault, a HIPAA compliance company.

States get enhanced Medicaid funding for home- and community-based services


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced enhanced Medicaid funding to states looking to provide more community-based services to elderly and disabled individuals.

Iowa lawmakers propose special nursing home for sex offenders

A small group of Iowa lawmakers say the state needs a nursing home that serves registered elderly sex offenders.

Iowa governor introduces LTC sex offender rule

Iowa governor Terry Branstad (R) will ask the state legislature to require notification when sex offenders move into long-term care facilities, he said Monday.

Iowa nursing home chain changes real estate designation

The nonprofit nursing home chain Care Initiatives — which serves 3,000 residents in 63 nursing homes in Iowa — has requested having its holdings reclassified from commercial to residential properties. This action would cut Care Initiatives' property tax bill in half.

Assisted living operator finds regulatory loopholes, newspaper reports

Assisted Living Concepts found a loophole in Iowa's state law that lets care facilities avoid visits from state regulators by forfeiting licensure. Now it's looking to do the same with its facilities in New Jersey, The Des Moines Register reported.

Iowa politicians clash with nursing home inspectors

Iowa politicians, including Governor-elect Terry Branstad (R) and state legislators from both parties, have publicly criticized Dean Lerner, the head of Iowa's Department of Inspections and Appeals, which regulates state nursing homes.