A chance to make your staff very, very happy

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John O'Connor
John O'Connor

Our office was one joyful place last week. Colleagues were excited. And the collective bliss had nothing to do with an early start to happy hour.

The reason for the spontaneous smiles? News that we had received five more top journalism awards from ASHPE.

Given the high level of competition in this year's contest, that was no small task. And I can tell you, having one's organization publicly recognized for exceptional work is more than a morale builder. It makes you want to do even better next year.

Now it's your turn. Starting today, the second annual McKnight's Excellence In Technology Awards program is officially underway.

There is simply no better way for your organization to get the recognition it deserves for technology-related efforts.

We invite you to submit your best work for this prestigious contest. And if you entered last year and didn't win, please submit again. Maybe the second time will be the charm!

A nationally respected panel will ensure that your submissions are judged fairly and independently, and with the authority and respect they deserve. But the only way to get your hands on an award is to impress the judges with the quality of your organization's work.

There are five categories: “Quality Through Technology Award,” “Dignity Through Technology Award,” “High Tech/High Touch Award,” “Innovator of the Year Award,” and the “Transitions Award.” We'll write about the winners in a big spread in the magazine and online.

You can click here for more information on entering:

Entry forms are due July 12, so don't delay. And please don't think you have to wait for “the tech guy” at work to get an entry in order. It's so easy, even a journalist could fill it out.

We look forward to again celebrating the ways you and your colleagues are using technology to bring excellence to this field. Good luck, and much happiness!


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