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A quest for quality and the pursuit of data

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has created a momentum in quality for post-acute care providers. Nursing facilities in the PAC realm know the importance of providing quality care. Quality is the foundation of their reputation in the community they serve. I just returned from the LeadingAge National Conference in Philadelphia re-energized in the…

Dr. El’s ‘Quality of Life’ star ratings are the way to go

After writing about turnover in my last column, I wondered what might happen if high marks were also awarded to facilities for strong staff retention, which has been positively correlated with better care. From there, I began to imagine an entire rating system based on my view of long-term care. Quality of life, not necessarily care, would be rewarded.

Gary Tetz

QAPI in a box

It’s a lot of pressure, working in long-term care. People are becoming much more process-conscious and data-driven, more aware of competitors and more responsive to market research. Perhaps that’s why my colleagues recently demanded I create a QAPI plan for my personal life.

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