John O’Connor

Tired of hearing about the Patient Driven Patient Model? How about value-based care? Or I-SNPs?

If so, here’s my advice: Just wait a while. As it happens, the lifespan for some of long-term care’s more pressing concerns is often quite limited.  

After all, it wasn’t terribly long ago the field was laser-focused on topics like the Pepper Commission, OBRA ’87 and  the Boren Amendment, to name but a few. Where are they now? Maybe not quite in the ash heap of history, but we’re not exactly hearing about them much these days, are we?

The same can be true for key individuals as well. During the 40 years McKnight’s has been around, thousands of names have appeared in our pages and digital outlets. But the majority are as forgotten as last Thursday’s lunch.  Which is unfortunate. After all, many of these folks played key roles in shaping the sector as we now know it.

That’s one reason why the “McKnight’s 40 for 40” program is kicking off today. Each week, we’ll highlight one of the most notable newsmakers from our past four decades.

Many of the names should at least ring a bell. But there will likely be a few surprises mixed in as well. So stay tuned.

We hope you’ll enjoy the McKnight’s 40 for 40 presentation. We’ll certainly try to make it memorable.

John O’Connor is Editorial Director at McKnight’s, where he has been employed for the past 30 years, most of them as leader of McKnight’s news-gathering efforts.