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McKnight’s 40 for 40

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Larry Minnix

One might think that an organization with thousands of members and many varied ideologies might require a leader who manages with a stern voice and an iron fist. In the case of LeadingAge, the organization of nonprofit aging services providers chose to go in another direction at the turn of the century, and it couldn’t have been happier.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Paul Willging

OBRA ’87, the landmark federal law that greatly enhanced the regulation of nursing homes, marked a turning point for long-term care. Paul Willging, Ph.D., who led the American Health Care Association when OBRA ’87 took effect, helped the field transition to this new era of federal oversight.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: William M. McKnight Jr.

The McKnight’s brand may be familiar to many in the field today. That’s somewhat ironic, as the man behind it never expected to be a publisher. Boiled down, the late Bill McKnight was a gregarious, smart salesman with a keen eye for opportunity.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: David Schless

The American Seniors Housing Association traces its roots back to the early days of the senior living industry, beginning in 1991 under the auspices of the National Multifamily Housing Council. In 2000, as the senior living industry continued to grow, the group became a separate, independent association. David Schless, ASHA’s president, has led the organization every step of the way for the past 30 years.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Arnold Whitman

Arnold Whitman is a towering figure, both figuratively and literally, in the world of skilled nursing and senior living investing. The founder, president and CEO of Formation Capital has become as well-known for his billion-dollar deals as he has for promoting the long-term care sector itself.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Thomas J. DeRosa

Welltower, which consistently earns spots at the top of the American Seniors Housing Association’s ASHA 50 ranking of largest senior living owners and Argentum’s list of biggest REITs, has displayed innovative thinking under Thomas “Tom” DeRosa, who has been CEO since April 2014.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Sheldon L. Goldberg

Long-term care may be constantly changing. Still, some issues never seem to vanish. Take uneven survey and enforcement practices. A recent problem? Hardly. In fact, it was one of Sheldon Goldberg’s chief concerns as executive vice president of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Clifton J. Porter II

Clifton J. “Clif” Porter II doesn’t mind comparisons to Jackie Robinson, the great baseball pioneer. Porter doesn’t open with such comparisons or bank on them himself, but he’s not going to chase away anyone implying that he’s a highly valued performer doing groundbreaking work that cannot be confined by racial parameters.

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