The World According to Dr. El

The World According to Dr. El by Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Coping advice from nursing home residents

As we face the gloomy prospect of a pandemic winter, I consulted some experts for suggestions on how to handle difficult periods in life — nursing home residents.

Act now to avert a holiday season fiasco

The holidays are typically a busy time for long-term care centers, filled with special activities and extra visitors. Because of the pandemic, this year will be much different.

McDonald’s versus long-term care: How nursing homes can compete for staff

Recent calls1, 2, 3 for an increase in nursing staff levels may have providers wondering how to accomplish this. Under normal circumstances it can be challenging to find qualified individuals; the pandemic has added an off-putting level of danger to nursing home work. Two webinars hosted by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News last week offer clues…

Clinical considerations when the census is low

A low census caused by things like the pandemic can lead to the challenge of balancing the urgency of filling the beds with the risks of admitting residents that the team is clinically unable to manage.

Reflecting on injustices in long-term care

As the country reexamines long-held practices concerning diversity and areas of unfairness, perhaps long-term care will reconsider its own policies, payment structures and assumptions.

Celebrate Psychology Day on May 27

While it would be wonderful to have a systemwide honoring of psychology, psychologists and mental health, even small gestures of acknowledgement can go a long way toward emotional repair, in these pandemic-stressed days in particular.

Conversations with COVID-19 survivors

The more I do this work, the more apparent it is to me that mental health support is essential, regardless of whether or not there’s a global catastrophe.

Grim but unwavering: Notes from the COVID-19 epicenter

Hopefully, facilities in other parts of the country will be spared what we’re going through in New York City, where 1 in 4 facilities had COVID residents as of last week’s reports. It is, in a word, grim.

Addressing residents’ coronavirus fears

Despite their general calm and resilience, it’s perfectly reasonable for residents to have questions and concerns about the coronavirus and its potential spread.
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