So, here I am, teaching and meeting virtually multiple times a day. I’m kind of feeling like a virtual girl in the virtual world. I mean, virtual teaching is great as you can reach multiple communities at one time. 

And the same with meetings. No one has to travel in, you just meet for an hour, max, and it’s back to the usual. 

But here’s my issue. I think Americans’ already-limited attention span has shrunk even further. I mean, all we are asking for is to pay attention for this little bit of time. If you were in a classroom, you’d have to pay attention. If you traveled somewhere for a meeting, you’d have lost all that time traveling but we’ve “got” you at least for the meeting. 

But now, noooo! Nope, no one can just engage. People just get up and walk out and think you can’t see them leave OR they just don’t give a care, or they get on the phone and chat, or someone comes in and they don’t say, “Hey, give me 15 minutes.” (PLEASE put yourself on mute when this happens) Or they type away at emails, or who knows, maybe are looking into their social media accounts?! 

I mean, can’t you try and at least make it look like you’re paying attention? 

At this point, I am beginning to feel invisible. Or maybe I’m virtual and don’t know it? (Philosophy 101 class all over again).

Maybe Miss Manners needs to write another book, this time on virtual meetings manners! Then again, I don’t know if anyone would ever stop eating, typing, talking, internet searching, etc. to pay attention!

Just keeping it real (observational),

Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie is written by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, Senior Director of Clinical Innovation and Education for Mission Health Communities, LLC and an APEX Award of Excellence winner for Blog Writing. Vance is a real-life long-term care nurse. A nationally respected nurse educator and past national LTC Nurse Administrator of the Year, she also is an accomplished stand-up comedienne. The opinions supplied here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or her professional affiliates.