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Program addresses emergency management considerations for behavioral care facilities

Since 2011, Arizona’s Disaster Ready program has proactively addressed emergency preparedness in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) throughout the state. Managed by the team at the Arizona Health Care Association and funded through a grant overseen by the Arizona Department Health Services (ADHS), this program provides emergency management resources to all SNFs in the state. The…

Use of the Incident Command System during infectious disease outbreaks

Compliance with the Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers Final Rule indicates that skilled nursing facilities (SNF) along with other healthcare providers receiving Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services funds implement an “All Hazards” approach to emergency preparedness.  This rule requires healthcare facilities including skilled nursing facilities (SNF) to conduct…

Focus on life safety during the management of COVID-19

Note: This story was updated on May 12 to reflect new regulatory changes. As skilled nursing facilities around the nation rise to the challenges of managing this current infectious disease outbreak, providers must remain focused on maintaining a safe environment of care within their buildings. Complying with Life Safety Code requirements is the first step…

Stan Szpytek

Why you must have ‘All Hazards’ disaster planning and the incident command system

As perils of all types, including wildfires, floods, tornados, earthquakes, mass shootings and a wide variety of other adverse events, impact our nation, providers of senior services must understand the ultimate importance of establishing robust and compliant protocols that will address an “All Hazards” approach to emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

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