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Ask the care expert: How to develop a great leader?

I am trying to encourage some of my newly hired nurses who definitely show the early signs of becoming a great leader. Do you have any tips? With the average age of the RN being near retirement age in the next few years, every nurse really needs to recruit someone into nursing. I would suggest…

Ask the Care Expert

We always have difficulty getting extra fluids into our residents during these hot summer and fall months, any suggestions? Getting fluids into elderly residents is  something my facility struggled with every summer and fall. We started by asking activities to serve small cups of juice or water. Some of the activities staff have wonderful relationships…

Ask The Care Expert

As a new DON, I have instructed my staff to remove, rinse and reuse colostomy bags. Do you agree? As a person who has a colostomy, I do not agree with reusing bags. I choose to use a one-piece system. Therefore, I empty my pouch and flush what I have emptied. I use a baby…

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