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Ask the Care Expert about … pets

We have residents who miss their pets so much, but because of allergies of some other residents, we cannot have cats or dogs on this wing. We feel like we need to provide something for a few residents to cuddle with, besides a stuffed animal for kids. Do you have any suggestions?

Ask the Care Expert about … restorative programs

Why do most restorative programs include only breakfast and lunch in a nursing home program? And should nurses/dining assistants keep a log for each resident? Most of the time the dining program is done only at breakfast and noon due to restorative staffing and lighter nursing staff on evenings. A well-run program would be ideally…

Sherrie Dornberger, RN, CDONA, FACDONA, Executive Director, NADONA

Ask the Care Expert about … LPNs and IVs

Can an LPN be asked to start IVs or use a PICC line? This question is dependent on your specific Nurse Practice Act.This website has all the nurse practice sites: Pick your state and see the rules and practice acts available. Also, just because your state says that an LPN may do or start…

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