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Cognitive Function: Getting it right under PDPM

Accurate measurement of cognitive-based functioning is an essential area within the forthcoming Patient-Driven Payment Model. Getting it right requires us to consider impacts of the environment, medical complexities that can mirror and complicate cognitive declines, and the need for assessors to have the skill sets needed to frame questions in a manner that allows for an accurate overall measure.

Ghosts of therapists past

Therapists experience the same impact when facing the ghosts of predecessors in their own therapy departments. And when considering the spirits of old habits needing to be shifted by significant changes facing our post-acute care industry.

Who takes your cake?

We all know that the strongest team members are not often the most vocal. They may be the quietest, working behind the scenes, but focused always with a plan in mind, and a smile on their face.

HIPPS codes don’t lie

Beginning on 10-1-2019, with the implementation of PDPM, interdisciplinary data collection between therapy and nursing, and accuracy for entry in our current (i.e.Prior to 10-1-2018) Section GG items sets will be crucial.

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