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HIPPS codes don’t lie

Beginning on 10-1-2019, with the implementation of PDPM, interdisciplinary data collection between therapy and nursing, and accuracy for entry in our current (i.e.Prior to 10-1-2018) Section GG items sets will be crucial.

Final rule: Is it Christmas in July?

Therapists will have case-mix determinants based on clinical areas of the Minimal Data Set in addition to clinical categories which are associated with the acute care stay necessitating the need for a post-acute care level of care in the SNF environment.

Caregiving full circle

The cancer was extensive and had spread fast. As a result of this and after a multitude of hospital stays, he ended up in a skilled nursing facility in a small town in Kentucky.

Renee Kinder

Grandmother-level quality

My grandmother decided to have an elective knee replacement — at 89 years of age — followed by a stay for rehab in a skilled nursing facility. Quality matters to her and therefore I wanted to know that she would receive the same quality care during her recovery. How could we do that?

Renee Kinder

Caregiver Unburdened

Being a CNA, nurse, or therapist is also a big job requiring us to make decisions daily on when to care and when to allow those we serve to demonstrate their independence with tasks.

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