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Maslow and the Molly Maid

I recently had the pleasure of hearing a COO of a group of nursing homes present a closing session at their organization’s annual meeting. The company’s nursing teams, administrators and MDS Coordinators had spent a week together learning of regulatory updates, sharing ideas, and determining best approaches to practice in the coming year. His presentation,…

True Blue coding Madness

We have completed our brackets, we have identified key team players, and the industry is as engrossed in Patient-Driven Payment Model Coding Madness as a true-blue Kentucky fan! So how are your players lining up? Are you set for a full court press leading into October or will you be ending with a buzzer beater?…

Love never fails. But …

How can we overcome working together as an interdisciplinary team while also respecting and honoring the expertise of all to ensure we are trusting, protecting, hoping and persevering together? Interprofessionalism in practice and education is the answer.

Remember when: Reminiscence Therapy

All we have left, Mrs. Kinder, is a brand new Mercedes … We will have to upgrade your rental car this week for free. Is that going to be OK? I laugh out loud and respond, “Of course that is all you have. He would have it no other way.”

Yes, Emmy, everyone dies

My efforts to explain life and death to my 4-year-old, it seems, have failed and as a result she wants to make sure all current members continue living. If I remain positive and continue to say our family doesn’t die, then they will not. Or such is the logic for a 4-year-old.

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