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Randy Beckett

Randy Beckett, VP of geriatric services at Encounter Telehealth, is a board-certified adult psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner.

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Let’s celebrate Mental Health Month and Nurses Month

Mental Health Month and National Nurses Month are coinciding this May, and at a very appropriate time. Nurses and other healthcare workers are making enormous sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic, including their mental health. Encounter Telepsychiatry, a division of Encounter Telehealth LLC, partners with senior care facilities across the country. We have seen, firsthand, the…

Loneliness in long-term care: a ‘sad affair’

The Carpenters’ 1976 hit song “Superstar” got it right: loneliness is such a sad affair. This is especially true for many people living in long-term care facilities. We now know that loneliness is not just sad, however; it is, in fact, deadly.  Loneliness describes a person’s perceived amount of social interaction. We experience loneliness when…

Dr. Randy Beckett

GDRs, antipsychotics and PRNs, Oh My!

With off-label antipsychotic use dangerously high in U.S. nursing homes as reported by Human Rights Watch, a question undoubtedly on the tip of everyone’s tongue is “How do we fix this?” We all know the scenarios. We’ve seen them happen. How do we handle them?

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