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Drug diversion, a series: How to prevent and spot it

Drug diversion occurs when prescription medicines are obtained or used illegally. While diversion has always been a concern, without question, COVID-19 certainly increased personal stress and pressure on workers in long-term care, potentially leading to increased diversion.  Further, COVID-19 disrupted facility management, including diversion control programs.  This column is the first in a two-part series…

One interview away from infection control CMPs?

With the roll out of vaccines and slowing rates of COVID-19 infections, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has not shifted its survey focus away from infection control. Instead, the agency released new guidance to surveyors continuing focus on infection control during annual and complaint surveys, including additional F-tags. This focus, while timely, will…

Vaccine mandates are legal, but not without their own risks

With the federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program now complete, responsibility for COVID-19 vaccinations of new residents and staff has shifted to the long-term care facilities themselves.  This leaves operators with the dilemma of whether to mandate employee vaccinations.   First, all long-term care providers are presented with the question of whether to mandate covid-19…

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