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The blessings and hardships of a small activity department

Small activity departments and/or, rural communities with low budgets and small occupancy face numerous unique issues that impact them daily. These activity professionals have a special mission in providing “Cadillac” programming on a “scooter” budget. Here we will identify some of the issues and blessings facing these departments and organizations. Activity department and personnel within…

Michael McCann

Back to school special

Whether its shopping discounts on school supplies, joining athletic teams, buying college dorm furniture, to helping children make the tough decisions such as picking between the Batman and Avengers backpack, everyone is gearing up.

Michael McCann

Integrating mind, body and spirit

As technologies continue to develop, our residents’ needs also change. The need for a computer lab is waning as our residents are starting to be more tech-savvy. Life enrichment teams in long-term care must come up with new ideas of how to embrace technology.

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