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Lisa Lind

Lisa Lind

Lisa Lind, Ph.D., is the Licensed Psychologist and Quality Assurance Officer Chief Clinical Leadership Team at Deer Oaks- The Behavioral Health Solution

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Tips to ensure your residents’ mental health needs are met during the COVID-19 pandemic

Restricting visitation to nursing facilities was intended to improve infection control and prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to a potentially vulnerable population, but its potential impact on the mental health of long-term care (LTC) residents is yet to be seen. During this time when many residents are quarantined to their rooms, with no visitors allowed,…

Preparing for trauma-informed care in LTC

It is even more crucial for facility staff to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma, emotional and behavioral effects of trauma, and to have an action plan of how to address their residents’ associated emotional and behavioral needs.

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