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Jean Wendland Porter

Jean Wendland Porter

Jean Wendland Porter, PT, CCI, WCC, CKTP, CDP, TWD is the Regional Director of Therapy Operations at Diversified Health Partners in Ohio.

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What I did on summer vacation

We are all on the same voyage, one that took us through uncharted territory and into the Land of Payment Overhaul. We have made it safely ashore and are working hard to understand the society and adapt to their way of life.  Just over a month ago, we accepted and adapted to the new Medicare…

Light duty or new job?

Remember “light duty,” when your certified nursing assistant or nurse gets hurt during a patient transfer and they disappear into an eternally deep black hole? What is the definition of light duty? Many workers’ compensation boards don’t have a hard definition. According to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in my state of Ohio, “a light…

Under pressure with pressure injuries

Before you invest in the most expensive cushions and mattresses available for those at risk, find a provider that can help you with pressure mapping and find out exactly what you’re getting and maximize your outcomes. Minimize your risk and theirs with the best options available.

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