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Jean Wendland Porter

Jean Wendland Porter

Jean Wendland Porter, PT, CCI, WCC, CKTP, CDP, TWD is the Regional Director of Therapy Operations at Diversified Health Partners in Ohio.

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PDPM: Make or break?

Celebrate the demise of RCS-1. It is widely accepted that RCS-1 would have been the downfall of the SNF, would leave our seniors sicker, shorten their lives, and provide an unmanageable system for payment.

Engage in SNF mythbusting

We all know about the rumored, accepted and commonly used practices that relate to rehab in the skilled nursing Facility, but do we really know if they’re valid and supported by a regulation? Yes, speech therapy can be the only skilled intervention for those patients who need it. No, progress is not a criterion for…

The skill behind skilled

So many times, we get questions about how to “skill” a resident. Is she skilled if she’s getting IVs? Is he skilled because he’s getting wound care? What about the resident whose trach is capped? Is she skilled? When the rehab patient reaches the almighty “plateau”, and isn’t getting better, is he still skilled?

Jean Wendland Porter

Depression in dementia: How do you know?

Most of us have used or at least aware of the PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) scale for depression. Through a series of questions that are directly related to the DSM-IV criteria, a patient or caregiver can determine whether they’re depressed and how best to address their depression.

Jean Wendland Porter

Managing RCS-1

The new Resident Classification System, which may be implemented Oct 1, 2018, is changing the game. I say “may be implemented” because there’s reason to believe that it may be delayed a year.

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