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Chris Caulfield

Chris Caulfield, RN, NP-C, is IntelyCare's co-founder and chief nursing officer.

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The gig economy’s latest victim? Healthcare staffing

The traditional healthcare staffing model isn’t working. It’s inefficient and expensive for facilities, burning out nurses by strong-arming them into overworking, and putting patients at risk. When a facility that uses the traditional staffing model needs to fill a gap in their schedule, it results in a time-consuming game of phone tag between facilities, agencies…

Staffing takes a front seat when driving quality of care

The Five-Star Quality rating system, which was developed by CMS to help consumers select and compare skilled nursing care centers, assigns ratings to facilities using information from healthcare surveys (both standard and complaint), quality measures and staffing. In addition to giving consumers a tool to compare nursing homes with greater transparency, the rating system also…

3 ingredients to reduce nurse burnout

The perfect recipe for optimizing employee and patient satisfaction at long-term care and skilled nursing facilities includes two key elements: a well-staffed facility and a team of nursing professionals who feel appreciated and engaged.  Unfortunately, that scenario is not often the case in post-acute care. Long-term care and skilled nursing facilities are typically widely understaffed,…

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