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Combat Frontline on the front lines

Experiences become stories, which really are perceptions of the actual experience translated. Stories spread by word of mouth, amplified by social media. Stories make people fall in love, or hate, with a product or service. Stories are the marketing. Marketing impacts revenue.

Anthony Cirillo

The incredible shrinking industry

As you have conversations about being the partner of choice to help hospitals reduce readmissions, others are having conversations about how telemedicine in the home will become the new primary care office. As you strive to drive more Medicare business, experts are saying that there is excess care for seniors.

Anthony Cirillo

What would Jack Bauer do?

In the now-infamous case of an independent living facility’s policy on CPR, the simple perception is that a woman was dying and needed CPR. Sound and prudent judgment would have been to perform it, or move out of the way and get someone else to do it.

Anthony Cirillo

Lose your story, open up possibility

I recently attended something called the Landmark Forum. Suffice to say it was an intensive three days of self-introspection. The net-net. Things in life happen. We then create a story around it. The story then defines our reality. And it limits our possibilities.

Anthony Cirillo

Hardwiring compassion and empathy

Despite all the technology, fancy buildings, dining and activity experiences, healthcare boils down to one thing: human relationships. Most skilled healthcare workers go into the profession with the best of intentions. Yet, in many organizations, the spark is gone even among some of our best.

How to drive employees

According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, when economic times are good, deaths in the United States increase. Yet losing a job when the economy sours can cause one’s health to deteriorate.

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