This smart pill is hard to swallow

Reading the disturbing news in McKnight's about the ingestible digital antipsychotic pill that tracks patient data has me all befuddled. I wish I could swallow a pill that would tell me how to feel about it, and what it means for the future of our society and world.

Happy Long-Term Care Day!

I had a birthday recently. OK, more than just recently. Tuesday. My long-term care colleagues were kind, supportive and treated me to an exquisite lunch. But the rest I've had to deal with on my own.

Behind the mask

Despite a few trivial concerns about the societal wisdom and messaging of sending our progeny door-to-door begging for poison, I try not to be a total wet blanket on the annual festivities of Halloween.

Say hello to my little robot friend

I've seen movies about what happens when humans fight robots, and I won't be taking one for the team.

Flu shot — or not

When it comes to flu shots, let's just figure out a way to make the whole thing more convenient for those who choose or are coerced to undergo this crucial or useless procedure.

The power of the pants

Like any sensible facility marketing director does, I desperately want opportunities to attract attention. Recently, after considering every available option, I identified what I felt was a sure-fire way to achieve those self-promotional goals — by wearing neon-salmon-colored pants.

In praise of Roberta

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. I'm not suggesting long-term care facilities are exactly like the Department of Motor Vehicles. They're simply not equivalent, though I know many fine people who work on both sides. But there are definitely similarities.

Eclipse envy

Like it had just pulled an emergency triple-shift, while simultaneously serving as DON, CNA, cook, laundry assistant and defense attorney. That's how the sun looked as I drove to work Tuesday morning after the eclipse.

The great eclipse

We've seen many partial political eclipses over the years created by both parties, where selfish interests and ambitions seem to blind them to the possibility of solving actual challenges together.

The Hiker's Guide to the Long-term Care Galaxy

Much of what I know about success (or failure) in life, love and long-term care has been reinforced by lessons learned over years of hiking. As a result, I now take it as a point of professional pride that regardless of the challenge facing our profession, I can always find an analogy to the trail.

Things I Think

Things I Think is written by longtime industry columnist Gary Tetz, who resides in Portland, OR. Since his debut with at the end of a previous century, he has continued to amuse, inform and sometimes befuddle long-term care readers worldwide.