Insights on family-friendly care from Dr. El — the daughter of a new resident

Due to a series of unfortunate events, both of my previously independent parents were recently injured over the course of five weeks. Here are some thoughts from someone who's seen the long-term care world from both sides now.

On power, teamwork and communication

Having enough of it at work, I tend to avoid drama in my entertainment choices unless it involves aliens or post-apocalyptic nonsense. My family and I are currently enjoying the creative spectacle of Project Runway "Teams" version from a few seasons ago.

Enthusiasm and ingenious inventions at the NYC Aging2.0 Global Startup Pitch Event

Moving beyond the development of medical products for seniors, Aging2.0 seeks to facilitate collaborations between senior care providers and entrepreneurs to create products and services that can be integrated into their businesses.

Remember to breathe

In order to better face whatever is ahead — and to avoid causing panic in those around us — we can make an effort to be serene and centered. Below are some tried and true calming techniques to help you remain levelheaded despite unnerving times.

Join me for the 'Relaxed Lane' challenge!

Denise B. Scott, president of Drive Consulting, posted an intriguing story on LinkedIn the other day about a Scottish supermarket that partners with Alzheimer Scotland to help those with memory loss. The concept is so simple, easy and kind that I decided to ask my local supermarket if they'd join in.

Correcting long-term care's image problem

Long-term care has an image problem. For a variety of reasons, we aren't associated with good times. There are things we can do to turn this around, though, starting with the perceptions of our residents.

10 ways to incorporate mood-boosting exercise into LTC

Cold weather. An uncertain world. Rogue shrinks making the rest of us caring, diligent professionals look bad. I don't know about you, but I need a mood lifter.

A 'novel-la' way to educate families about dementia

It's easy to become overwhelmed and to have the information presented by a medical professional blur so that it sounds like a Charlie Brown cartoon teacher declaring, "Wa wa wa wa, wa wa wa wa wa wa." I recently learned of a promising program to teach families — particularly Hispanic families — about dementia.

Successful New Year's resolutions, LTC-style

Rather than resolve to do more than I can possibly accomplish, I prefer to view the beginning of the year as a time to examine the course I've been on and to make corrections as needed.

Enhancing the value of LTC by making family visits more rewarding

Many relatives have no idea how to best engage with their loved one in long-term care. When care providers accept the role of teachers, we can add great value to our services and enhance the experiences of the families who come to us for assistance.