Dr. El's subversive guide to culture change

Culture change can be portrayed as many things. One possibility often overlooked is its being a grassroots effort that shifts the dynamics between residents, staff and community, one unit at a time.

'Honest' placebos help without side-effects, expense

Placebos could be a better friend than you realize in the universal quest to reduce the number of medications that elderly patients receive. Don't believe me? Read on. (It won't hurt.)

Growing Good

In the wee hours of the night I recently discovered a Facebook post about a company founded by two brothers called Life is Good. It emerged from the standing request the founders' mother had for them as children in a chaotic home environment: Tell me something good about your day.

The Twelve Days of Christmas in LTC

There are many givers in senior care facilities. Sometimes they don't even realize it themselves. This holiday season is a good time to recognize them — and the things that make smiles bright.

7 employee wellness ideas for the holidays (and beyond)

After a staff training on reducing burnout in long-term care last week, a look through the evaluation forms was illuminating. A significant number of attendees — mostly nursing aides, nurses, and environmental workers — wrote that the most valuable point they got from the training was how important it was to take time for themselves, even if it was for just a few minutes.

Kind words from residents

To get us in the spirit of gratitude for Thanksgiving, I've included a sample of grateful comments made by residents to their psychologists. The nice things they say can really make things better.

The secret to LTC success? A focus on well-being

Despite the diversity of the events I attended during my brief visit to the LeadingAge convention in Boston last week, a theme clearly emerged. The thread that ran through the varied offerings was well-being

How to find out why your staff is leaving

Some of the reasons employees leave are beyond our control. But many are not. Here's how to start figuring out how to stop the flow and reduce turnover.

'The Adventures of The Geropsychologist'!

There have been thousands of movies and TV shows about the exciting work of cops, lawyers, and hospitals, but long-term care? Fuhgeddaboutit! Until now.

Behavioral health care — not drugs — for dementia

For the treatments to help dementia patients, turn to behavioral health solutions, not antipsychotic drugs. Just like others around the world.