Jury hands down $14 million negligent care verdict to 'send message' to nursing homes

Jury hands down $14 million negligent care verdict to 'send message' to nursing homes


A Massachusetts jury has awarded $14 million to the family of a nursing home resident who died due to a pressure ulcer, dehydration and other conditions linked to negligent care, according to local news reports.

Oxford Finances LLC arranges $6M loan for Synergy Health Centers

Oxford Finances LLC has arranged a $6.1 million loan to finance the expansion of Synergy Health Centers, a private company in New Jersey that specializes in healthcare delivery in the skilled nurse setting. The financing will be used to acquire Park Avenue Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Arlington, MA.

Judge closes book on lawsuit involving nursing home residents with intellectual, developmental disabilities


A U.S. District Court judge has brought a definitive end to a large, long-running class action case involving nursing home residents with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Legislation would mandate special training for dementia care workers

Dementia advocates in Massachusetts are hoping to fix a loophole that allows nursing homes to advertise dementia units without requiring special training for workers.

Lawmakers attempt to keep nursing home 'bed hold' program alive in MA

Massachusetts lawmakers revised a state spending plan this week that would restore a $6-million "bed hold" program for nursing homes.

Support for universal healthcare program grows, poll finds

Support for universal healthcare program grows, poll finds

Residents of Massachusetts are increasingly supportive of the state's 2006 universal healthcare law, lending belief to the idea that the national Affordable Care Act will gain more public support over time.

Massachusetts looks for alternatives to antipsychotic use in dementia residents

Nursing home regulators in Massachusetts Thursday launched a campaign to limit the use of antipsychotic drugs in facilities.

Union members in Massachusetts may have ruined card-check bill's chance at passage, report says

The Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would make it easier for unions to organize, is essentially dead for now, and labor groups may have played a big part in killing it, a recent news article suggests.

A blow to healthcare reform


The buzz among long-term care providers today, as expected, is the upset in the Massachusetts Senate race. How healthcare reform will play out now is anyone's guess.