Tips for managing bereavement

Tips for managing bereavement

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Work on letting go. Bereavement is natural, but we can find concrete ways to help ourselves and those around us.

Dementia researchers identify therapies to improve eating habits, reduce depression


A particular type of memory training combined with a Montessori-based approach to daily living can decrease depression in dementia patients by improving their eating habits, according to a recent study.

The Hapifork lets you have your cake, and count it

The Hapifork lets you have your cake, and count it

The Hapifork was unveiled this week in Las Vegas at the CES. This Bluetooth-enabled fork uses a combination of sensors to measure just how much a person is eating and how quickly. The product then will translate those metrics to either an iOS or web app.

Study: Two training methods help dementia patients relearn eating skills

An international team of researchers has developed two step-by-step training programs designed to improve the eating skills of patients with dementia, according to a new report.

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