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Lori J. Porter

‘Fresh meat’ for the workforce … really?!

I was speaking to a group of certified nursing assistant during a session on turnover. The meeting was a hoot, and one CNA in particular shouted, “You are right! You are SO right!” I felt validated by her excitement after I noted how we often run off new nursing assistants by the way we treat them. But then it went bad.

Bruce Baron

Increasing staff at in-service trainings

For years, eldercare providers have been required to ensure that staff members attend in-service trainings to remain licensed to work at a community. And for equally as long a time, managers and supervisors have struggled to remind staff to attend these trainings.

Workload overload can factor strongly into administrator burnout.

Cynical admins apt to leave jobs: study

Cynicism and “emotional exhaustion” are the strongest predictors of nursing home administrator turnover, according to doctoral research by a former administrator. Misaligned personal and corporate values also lead to turnover.

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