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Webinar on Sept. 30 targets staff turnover solutions

It’s not easy to retain long-term care staff. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem. A webinar to take place Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 1 p.m. ET, will discuss a range of tactics to improve retention. Jason McGovern, director of Business Development for WorkSync, will provide information about how to engage and empower employees to retain…

Lori J. Porter

‘Fresh meat’ for the workforce … really?!

I was speaking to a group of certified nursing assistant during a session on turnover. The meeting was a hoot, and one CNA in particular shouted, “You are right! You are SO right!” I felt validated by her excitement after I noted how we often run off new nursing assistants by the way we treat them. But then it went bad.

Bruce Baron

Increasing staff at in-service trainings

For years, eldercare providers have been required to ensure that staff members attend in-service trainings to remain licensed to work at a community. And for equally as long a time, managers and supervisors have struggled to remind staff to attend these trainings.

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