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The Alliance For Quality Nursing Home Care

Mark Parkinson

Obama budget calls for Medicare cuts for SNFs, penalizes rehospitalizations

While President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget contains expected Medicare cuts, long-term care groups have expressed their disappointment. Among other proposals, the American Health Care Association criticized a provision of the budget that would “align Medicare policy more closely with private sector standards by reducing bad debt payments to 25% for all eligible providers over three years starting in 2013.”

Alan Rosenbloom, president of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care

Penalties needed for nursing homes with high rehospitalization rates, group says

According to The Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, the ACA tackles the issue of costly hospital readmissions by focusing on hospitals, but ignores skilled nursing facilities. The Alliance has therefore proposed an interim solution based on proposals the Obama administration has offered the “super committee.”

The U.S. Supreme Court building

LTC groups eagerly await Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform

Despite the mixed feelings about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act among long-term care providers, all groups agree that they will be closely monitoring a case now headed to the Supreme Court. The high court said Monday it would hear oral arguments on ACA’s constitutionality in March.

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