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James Berklan

DOJ the latest to pile on in therapy-billing mess

Don’t let anyone tell you that long-term care operators don’t know how to read between the lines. They might not have known to fear a McKnight’s Daily Update item before it appeared Sept. 8. But it quickly and definitely earned their attention — and apprehension.

Jan White

Looking at short stay assessments

In reviewing the MDS, there are several areas to check related to short stay requirements. First, is the Start of Therapy assessment checked in A0310C? If there is not a 5-day scheduled assessment or readmission/return assessment checked in A0310B, has this already been done?

Steven Littlehale

MDS data quality: Things are not always as they seem

Open up the hood and look at the engine. Does the data scrubbing module focus only on standard CMS coding and consistency checks and the “RUG” items, or is it more robust and emphasize clinical quality and risk management. We studied MDS data from 11 software vendors and two suppliers of MDS scrubbing services: The “best” had MDS error rates of 62%, the “worst,” 79%.

Upon further review

Upon further review

Providers recoiling from recent uptick in therapy claim audits should expect even more scrutiny in the future as regulators look to increase surveillance.

Bryan Baird

How to make your nursing facility RAC-ready

As skilled nursing facilities adjust to the changes to Medicare that arrived early last month, they must be ready for Recovery Audit Contractors. RACs are independent auditors for the government that are preparing to audit every facility that has submitted Medicare claims.

Guest Columns: Helping staff, helping residents

CMS: It’s all systems go for new nursing home assessment tool

Despite new political turmoil and uncertainty about the fate of healthcare reform, nursing home operators can still expect the scheduled Oct. 1 implementation of the new MDS 3.0 resident assessment tool to take place, federal regulators said Thursday.

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