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John O'Connor

Older residents ahead?

Conventional wisdom holds that the sweet spot for long-term care residents is around age 85, give or take. But what if that figure were to increase dramatically?

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Gary Tetz

Prodigies in reverse

I experienced many crushing disappointments growing up. A trespassing fairy with a tooth fetish didn’t leave a dime under my pillow? Ernie and Bert aren’t brothers? Affordable healthcare isn’t a right? But the worst was realizing I was too old to be a prodigy. There’s an age limit, apparently, or maybe it’s height or weight. Regardless, I didn’t qualify.

Resident Audrey Higginbotham marvels at a big catch.

Residents angling for a good time

Residents of the Cartmell Home for the Aged in Palestine, TX, can no longer participate in some of the area’s popular pastimes, such as hunting and rodeo. But they can still show off their rod-and-reel skills.

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