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Engage in SNF mythbusting

We all know about the rumored, accepted and commonly used practices that relate to rehab in the skilled nursing Facility, but do we really know if they’re valid and supported by a regulation? Yes, speech therapy can be the only skilled intervention for those patients who need it. No, progress is not a criterion for…

Renee Kinder

Grandmother-level quality

My grandmother decided to have an elective knee replacement — at 89 years of age — followed by a stay for rehab in a skilled nursing facility. Quality matters to her and therefore I wanted to know that she would receive the same quality care during her recovery. How could we do that?

How to do it … Short-term, homelike rehab

Most patients would agree they think home is the best place to recover from a debilitating injury or major surgery. That’s why so many rehab therapy providers are trying to mimic all that is good about “home.” Experts here offer advice on how to design for short-term rehab spaces, focusing on how to make them useful and homelike.

How to do it … Fitting rehab equipment

Right-sizing rehab equipment purchases can be a daunting task. With a plethora of buying options possible today, experts offer advice on how to avoid purchases that are too big, too small, too much or too little, in order to find one that is “just right.”

Renee Kinder

Is your rehab partner wearing blinders?

Never, ever bet on a horse wearing blinders. Why, you ask? Because, of course, a horse wearing blinders must be irresponsible, uncontrollable and, worst of all, completely unaware of its surroundings. At least as a child who spent my summers at the track, that was my logic. You need another kind of logic to prepare for the workdays ahead.

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