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Pinpointing LTC enforcement trends as COVID-19 continues

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on long-term care and skilled-nursing facilities.  As COVID-19 cases continue to fall, regulatory and criminal enforcement agencies are now digesting data that has emerged from the pandemic’s darkest days, which will inform where those agencies will direct their enforcement efforts.  Here, I will discuss the regulatory and…

John O'Connor

The Big Picture: Things could be worse

There’s no doubt the skilled care sector faces its share of challenges. While there have been hardly any new facilities built in recent years, occupancy levels remain myopic or worse. And the long-awaited Silver Tsunami (and unprecedented numbers of ADL-challenged and post-op seniors) won’t reach shore for a few years. Then there’s the fact that…

Providers brace for Phase I start of new rules Monday

Providers will spend the weekend gnawing on more than turkey bones if they’ve left anything incomplete regarding the new federal Rules of Participation for nursing homes. The first phase becomes active Monday and encompass dozens and dozens of tweaks to mostly current practices, experts say.

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