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Parkinson’s Disease

Clinical Briefs for Friday, August 7

Potentially inappropriate meds prescribed at ‘high rates’ may increase healthcare visits, costs … Drugmakers ink deal to commercialize promising Parkinson’s drug … Skin disease common in older adults, say researchers … Dip in cancer cases likely reveals treatment delays due to pandemic

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, June 16

FDA revokes emergency use status for hydroxychloroquine … Eli Lilly launches trial of arthritis drug to treat COVID-19 … Long-term, phase-2 trial to study potential Alzheimer’s medication … Once-weekly insulin shows promise in early trial … Disrupted sleep rhythms in older men linked to later Parkinson’s diagnosis

Clinical Briefs for Friday, May 29

Rapid decline in Parkinson’s motor symptoms may signal COVID-19 infection … ‘Good chance’ coronavirus vaccine ready by the end of year: Fauci … State-by-state COVID-19 testing costs breakdown released by AHCA/NCAL … FDA approves on-demand drug for Parkinson’s ‘Off’ episodes

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, April 28

CDC adds new symptoms to list of coronavirus signs … Light-based deep brain stimulation relieves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease … More than half of U.S. seniors have had medical care disruptions during pandemic … Saliva samples preferable to deep nasal swabs for testing COVID-19

Clinical Briefs for Friday, April 3

Phone-based therapy beneficial for depression in Parkinson’s disease … Sending COVID-19-positive residents to hospital may be wrong ‘knee-jerk’ reaction … CDC releases COVID-19 infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare settings … Lifestyle changes could delay memory decline – depending on our genes

Clinical Briefs for Monday, March 16

At-risk staff offered a place to stay at Affinity facilities during COVID-19 outbreak … Study details the first known US person-to-person coronavirus transmission … Senators to introduce bill addressing medical supply vulnerability due to coronavirus … ‘Natural killer’ cells could halt Parkinson’s progression … Streaming senior-fitness video vendor publicizing free trial during COVID-19 outbreak

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