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Older Women

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, July 7

Fatigue predicts anemia in older adults … Elderly no more compliant with COVID-19 safety measures than other adults … Older women have higher mortality from metabolic syndrome than men: study … WHO expects COVID-19 vaccination trial results in two weeks

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, February 26

A weak heart can affect the brain and contribute to cognitive decline … Annual breast cancer screening not beneficial for women over age 75 … Adults don’t need tetanus, diphtheria boosters if fully vaccinated as children, study claims … Wearable sensor predicts worsening heart failure days before hospitalization

Clinical Briefs for Friday, Oct 4

Risk calculator helps predict mortality in older women … High genetic insulin levels put men at risk of heart attack, angina … High fiber diet cuts heart disease odds in hypertension and diabetes … Key to learning, forgetting found in the sleeping brain

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