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Also in the news for Oct. 20, 2014 . . .

Obama appoints Ebola czar … Ventas CEO ranked in world’s top 100 by Harvard Business Review … ONC issues update on progress toward interoperability roadmap

Also in the news for July 23, 2014 . . .

Joint Commission releases free nursing home resource on preventing infection … ACA in the balance again as two courts issue contrary rulings on subsidies … Obama’s executive order on LGBT workplace rights extends to some nursing homes

2016 budget aims for $400 billion in Medicare reductions

Obama budget cuts provider payments

Presidents usually release budgets for reasons that have less to do with spreadsheets than legacies. President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 spending plan is no different. The $3.9 trillion proposal offers a partisan blueprint for improving jobs, the economy and the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook.

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