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Betty Norman, BSN, MBA, CPHRM

Improving fleet and driver safety

When you hear the word “fleet,” you might think of hundreds of school buses or thousands of trucks or vans. But organizations of all sizes own vehicles that help support their business operations. Fleets can be as large as thousands of trucks or as small as one van.

Financing reform rift in LTC commission

The Commission on Long-Term Care has released its full report to Congress, but some commissioners broke ranks, saying the bipartisan panel did not fulfill its mandate to offer recommendations for comprehensive reform.

Matthew Scott

The impact of the employer mandate delay

October has proven to be a big month for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with the launch of the public exchanges and the political maneuverings in Washington. Although many in the healthcare industry welcomed the delay of ACA’s employer mandate, it’s important to understand how decisions your organization makes in 2014 will impact 2015.

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