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Independent Living

Robert Kramer, president of the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry

60 seconds with … NIC’s Robert Kramer

Q: How did senior housing perform in the last quarter of 2013?
A: The numbers overall were good, in terms of continued recovery and strength of market fundamentals. In particular, occupancy was up again, with very strong absorption. It’s especially strong in independent living, and that’s been a trend in the last year or so.

Gary Tetz

Amenities gone wild

Now and then, I agree to leave my safe, dark hole under the porch and interact face-to-face with actual residents of actual long-term care communities. I did this yesterday, wandering freely through an independent and assisted living campus seemingly inhabited and staffed by levelheaded people who were very glad to be there.

Ryan Foster

Top trends for aging-in-place communities

The path to retirement and beyond comes with a lot of new scenery, from navigating health care needs to deciding where to live. The landscape is changing – in thoughtful and well-planned ways – and community developers and managers have taken notice, often leading the way to help seniors through their decision-making process as they age in place.

The myth of CPR

The international attention over the incident concerning an independent living facility’s refusal to give CPR, as a matter of policy, has inspired a lot of clutching of pearls regarding long-term care’s medical ethics. There were a few big facts that got left out of the original reporting.

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