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Elizabeth Newman

McKnight’s reaches APEX again

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Senior Editor Elizabeth Newman earned a Grand Award for blog writing, and McKnight’s staff pulled in four other Awards of Excellence in the 2014 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence program.

Elizabeth Leis Newman

Re-examining obesity in long-term care

John O’Connor’s blog this week explored the issue of obesity in long-term care facilities,and raised a subtle point around assumptions about people who are obese. Whether they are a coworker or a resident, we tend to assume people we know who obese either want to lose weight, are trying to lose weight, or have failed most of their lives at losing weight. is it fair to judge nurses or other caregivers whose weight is putting them at risk for diseases, or that may be impacting their job? Is the increasing popularity of “wellness programs” a reasonable way to keep your health insurance premiums down? What is your obligation to your employee?

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