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Clinical briefs for Wednesday, Nov. 4

Artificial intelligence accurately predicts Alzheimer’s disease in IBM study … CMS finalizes policies encouraging home dialysis … Mild COVID has 7 “disease forms” with different effects, investigators say … Osteoporosis drugs show promise in fighting COVID in early study … Diets high in pro-inflammatory foods tied to cardiovascular risk … Nearly one in five COVID…

Clinical briefs for Monday, Aug. 31

Senators request probe into hydroxychloroquine use in nursing homes … Sex differences in immune responses may underlie COVID-19 disease outcomes … Cochlear implants should be offered more frequently to adults with moderate-to-severe hearing loss, experts say … National study finds disparities in pre-dialysis care

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, May 7

‘The virus isn’t a death sentence’: New Jersey facility takes on COVID-19 with success … Anemia pill achieves phase 3 trial goals; could lead to safer dialysis treatment … Age alone should not rule out cancer surgery, study suggests

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, January 29

Shortness of breath and cough increasingly the first symptoms of lung cancer … Older refugees suffer from depression decades after immigration … Two major kidney dialysis treatments have ‘identical’ survival outcomes in study … FDA approves triple-combo pill, Trijardy XR, for type 2 diabetes

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