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Stable LTC antipsychotic prescribing in 2020 may reflect success of U.S. reduction initiatives

University of Michigan researchers have found relatively minimal changes in central nervous system-active medication use among Michigan nursing home residents with dementia following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a finding that may be explained in part by regulatory pressures to reduce antipsychotic prescribing in U.S. skilled nursing facilities.  With the disruptions in daily routines…

Clinical briefs for Tuesday, April 6

COVID outbreak among vaccinated assisted living residents under investigation … FDA rejects bid to approve Nuplazid for treatment of dementia-related psychosis … J&J betting $780M on long-acting antiviral that wipes out all flu viruses … 20% of healthcare workers say they’ve considered leaving job due to pandemic-related worries: survey … Parkinson’s disease symptoms tied to distinct brain pathways … 13 new Alzheimer’s genes identified in first-of-its-kind human genome study

Dementia-related psychosis featured in March 24 webinar

Looking to better understand how dementia-related psychosis might affect residents? Broaden your perspective during a McKnight’s disease-awareness webinar providing an overview of hallucinations and delusions associated with dementia-related psychosis from the long-term care perspective. The program will focus on the prevalence, impact and proposed neurobiology of hallucinations and delusions across the dementias, as well as…

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