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Dementia Risk

Clinical briefs for Wednesday, June 9

Twist in the FDA’s Alzheimer’s decision: no limits on which patients can get the drug … Biden administration advises changes to policies linked to N95 shortages … Frailty tied to increased mortality in COVID: A living review and meta-analysis … In type 1 diabetes, blood sugar extremes are tied to sixfold risk of dementia … Exercise likely to be best treatment for depression in coronary heart disease … “Immunological memory” protects against COVID re-infection for at least 11 months, analysis shows

Clinical briefs for Wednesday, May 19

Heart patients gain significant benefits from taking stairs…Investigational drug may help patients with diabetes, heart failure… Patients undergoing dialysis maintained SARS-CoV-2 antibody levels six months after infection… Researchers identify proteins that may predict dementia risk… Dementia and blood pressure link different for men and women

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