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Cognitive Decline

Clinical briefs for Monday, Sept. 14

Failure to thrive: Study reveals home health services often go undelivered … Chronic microaspiration could be hidden frailty factor, case studies suggest … Good cardiovascular health linked to lower risk of eye disease … Sept. 11 first responders prone to early cognitive decline, likely driven by PTSD … European Society of Cardiology recommends multimodality imaging, exercise testing, catheterization when treating adult congenital heart disease

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, June 3

Study shows toxic tau protein spreads in brain of older Alzheimer’s patients … Uneven handgrip strength plus weakness may predict rapid cognitive decline … Eli Lilly begins first human tests of a COVID-19 antibody drug … CDC updates infection control guidance for assisted living

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, May 21

Monitoring, maintaining heart health may protect against cognitive decline … Most critically ill New York COVID-19 patients older men with comorbidities: study … Higher dietary fiber improves life expectancy in diabetes … COVID-19 vaccines offer immunity in animal study

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, February 26

A weak heart can affect the brain and contribute to cognitive decline … Annual breast cancer screening not beneficial for women over age 75 … Adults don’t need tetanus, diphtheria boosters if fully vaccinated as children, study claims … Wearable sensor predicts worsening heart failure days before hospitalization

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