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Clinical Briefs for Friday, May 22

Infection control problems ‘persisted’ at nursing homes prior to pandemic: GAO … New AARP report spotlights Alzheimer’s toll on women … Emerging medical countermeasures to COVID-19 may be best tailored to seniors: Senate hearing … Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ on contaminated surfaces: CDC

Clinical Daily Briefs for Thursday, March 26

Argentum, AHCA / NCAL launch campaigns to share positive messages during pandemic … Clinic study shows where surface-cleaning efforts can fall short … CVS moves to prevent hoarding of malaria drug for COVID-19 patients … FDA supports study of century-old blood infusion treatment in coronavirus patients

Better guidelines needed: expert.

Disinfectant exposure may increase nurses’ COPD risk

Nurses who regularly use bleach and other disinfectants on the job appear to have a higher risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to research presented in September at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.

Flint Rendered Product

SCA launches Tork cloth

SCA, which makes the Tork brand of Away-from-Home hygiene products, has debuted a low-lint wiper for technical cleaning tasks involving sensitive surfaces.

Leah Larson

Cleanliness is linked to care

With an estimated 70% of people who reach age 65 needing some form of long-term care service, senior living communities will find it increasingly important to learn about and develop solutions for the unique cleaning and sanitizing challenges, starting with residents’ rooms.

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